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Dropping places (was) RE: [at-l] edorsements

William Neal wrote:

> Before dropping any place from "recommendations", realize that sometimes the
> people on duty are not reflective of the owners or managers or even the
> majority of employees.  Also realize that even the best person can be having
> a bad day.

Aye...But, most of the small-time motels along the trail are not chain motels
and are owned/operated by a family who usually lives in one of the rooms, or a
basement. And, the people on duty ARE reflective of the owner. As far as I am
concerned, they ARE the owner. They have been hired by the owner to represent
the owner. They are the person I'm handing my money to. If they want that
money...they should treat me/us like it.

> But never assume that the "ass" you speak to is reflective of the whole
> place.

He/she is.

> One last piece of advice.  Look for business licenses, Better Business
> Bureau memberships, Chamber of Commerce memberships, etc.  As well as
> indications that they belong to a big chain

It was October. It was raining. It was cold. It was dark. The Yankees were in
the world series. I called and was told one thing. I was treated poorly. That's
how I remember the Pine Grove Motel.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"