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Students & hikers as "lab rats" RE: [at-l] Reason to carry wine...

Actually he used his students.  Didn't say if they did it in petri dishes or
they made themselves  test subjects.  Now if he wants to supply the wine to
some long distance hikers....

On a serious note, I do plan on carrying "extra" wine.  I remember reading
of a soup/stew from France and England where leftovers are put in a pot and
left on the back of the stove (from when stoves were kept "hot" all day
long.  It was too hot for the "nasties" to form properly, but they added a
glass of wine or beer (guess which country did which) to top it off.  At
least the nasties died happy.

But, it would help keep down the nasties in hiking food.  And cooking
quality wine ought to be available pretty much anywhere along the trail.  Or
have any of y'all had trouble with finding medicinal alcohol?

William, The "I'll Try Anything" Turtle

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Did he slurp a quart of salmonella and then drink some wine to test this?


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> Hic.cup.  Now we have a logical and sound reason to carry along some wine.
> >>>Looking to build on previous anti-microbial research and anecdotal
> evidence, Daeschel decided to take a hard, scientific look at a
> centuries-old piece of advice: drinking wine with a meal helped
> some people
> avoid food poisoning.
> Daeschel, a professor of food science and technology at Oregon State
> University in Corvalis, about 75 miles south of Portland, found that wine,
> particularly white wine, kills E. coli, salmonella and other potentially
> deadly bacteria.
> He found that the combination of white wine's high levels of malic and
> tartaric acids with the alcohol content attacks and kills the germs.<<<
> This was on Reuters.  And the entire article states that they are
> developing
> a disinfectant based on wine.  Plus wineries are already looking
> forward to
> the final disinfectant so they can sell the wine that does not
> sell.  There
> goes Thunderbird.
> Now would you sell it in the disinfectant aisle or the wine aisle?
> William, The Pickled Turtle
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