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[at-l] 4 years ago...

And the Hostae (is that the plural of Hosta?) were still in bloom along
the patio.  What timing, I just started to lurk here again after a
couple of very busy months that included a hard drive crash, a complete
kitchen renovation (did it myself), my son's wedding, and several other
related events.
I remember that first encounter with the Felix posse well,  especially
the very slender Pokey as she stood on the side porch in the afternoon
sun....oops sorry.  Tell Stoat that the dog still misses him.

Felix wrote:
> Four years ago tonight had me and my posse enjoying a
> wonderful evening with our good friends the Landises. I have
> no idea if that is the way you spell the plural of Landis.
> Being that as it may, we had a wonderful time with them...
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