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[at-l] edorsements

J Bryan Kramer wrote:

> Huh? We get motel rooms all the time with three kids. Never had a problem
> tho we did have to stand down some motel owner in KY last time over the
> rates. She told us one rate and then tried to jack it up, I told her to give
> us a refund and we'd hit the road to the next joint, after some chinning she
> gave it up.
> Bryan
> > <PRE>That goes double for  hikers with lots of kids,even in a car
> > with kids,forget
> > getting a motel.Of course that was then.Now isn't to bad.Wish I had had a
> > "grapevine "to consult in those days.tattoogranny

I see in the 1999 Companion that it has Pine Grove Motel listed under
NY55/Poughquag.  I called this place from Tony's Deli and got rates and made
reservations for 4 hikers. (I talked to a woman.) When I got there, the Middle
Eastern 'gentleman' wouldn't give us a room for 4 hikers and made us get two
rooms with two hikers each. He was quite rude ("Why do you smell so bad?" and
sprayed Lysol in the air over us as we were leaving...) and made Stoat MAD.
Stoat don't get mad...

Anyway, I'd love to see that place dropped from the Companion. That's what I'd
love. That and one of those big lollipops with all the colours.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"