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[at-l] OT: Aigh!

There are many ways to make a crown fall off. The worst is to fall,
strike your jaw on a rock and have a broken crown and a couple of
broken teeth. This is a famous injury in that the pain is absolutely
riveting. Few things will get your attention as well, except possibly a
kidney stone.

Dental emergencies occur out there. An aspirin tab can cauterize a
wound and the oil of clove make it somewhat less painful. In any case,
you would be heading into the closest town with a dentist.

<BTW, I like chewy snacks, also.>

--- Amy <askowronek@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Then put  my crown with the aid of my handy dandy hiker
> mirror, which everybody at last year's ruck thought I should
> ditch.  Ha!

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