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[at-l] Help with Springer


All kinds of options; depends on how you and your wife want to spend your l=
ast couple days together.

1.  Since you are not doing the approach trail, I assume you will be going =
up USFS 42.  The closest town to USFS 42 (15 miles paved roads and 6 miles =
on the forest service road) is Ellijay.  Small town, but has hotels, restau=
rants, and a WallMart.  Nothing fancy.

2. Helen is a touristy faux Bavarian village.  Window shopping galore.  Man=
y restaurats.  Discount hotels on the edge of town.

3.  Dahlonega is a small town that is nice to visit.  Discount hotels on th=
e edge of town; but would strongly recommend The Smith House (great family =
style southern dinners) if staying here.

4.  Blood Mountain cabins near Walasi-Yi would (probably) allow you to meet=
 thru hikers that have completed the first 30 miles of the trip.  Never sta=
yed there, myself.

5.  Atlanta is no more than a couple hours from Springer.

What should you choose?  Whatever your wife wants!


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