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[at-l] OT: Aigh!

Or hey!
Kill two birds with one stone and "cement" it back it the Milk Dud...
hair of the dog, and all that...

Jim and/or Ginny Owen wrote:
> Amy wrote:
> >I just got my comeuppance.  I bought candy for the kiddies for Halloween,
> >and snitched a milk dud.  And my crown came off with it! I'm between
> >dentists now, so before I can try to quickly get in at a new dentist, do
> >any of you have advice?
> >
> >I've stuck it back in for now, but there's not really anything holding it
> >there other than the teeth on either side.
> Amy -
> Your local friendly drugstore will have a temporary cement that you can use
> to fasten it in.  Works pretty well - I lost 2 crowns on the CDT  and the
> temp stuff kept them in until we got back home (about 2 months).
> Walk softly - away from caramel, taffy and other sticky things,
> Jim
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