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[at-l] ALDHA companion

Big difference - I don't pay for a copy of the yellow pages (regardless of
which version) but I do pay for a copy of the companion.  Also, business
pay to be in the yellow pages - I don't think there is any financial gain
for ALDHA from businesses being listed in it.

I would think - based on prior history of the companion - that any listing
in the companion is a pseduo endorsement.  Most comments are based upon the
opinions and experiences of the collective group of hikers passing through
a region.

It's simple - you get what you pay for.  Have you noticed a loss of quality
in the content of the companion?  Who is responsible for monitoring the
quality of any consumer product?  Caveat Emptor! [Let the buyer beware!]


At 01:41 PM 10/28/2002 -0800, you wrote:
> > By publishing names, addresses and phone numbers of trail related
> > businesses, ALDHA offers the implication of endorsement.
>The local Yellow Pages publishes the names, addresses, and phone
>numbers of local businesses.  Does that mean that my local phone
>company is endorsing each and every one of them?
>Just wondering,
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