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[at-l] The new hiking profile

OK, I'm game for this.  If I wanted to drive the security people crazy with=
out getting thrown in jail, what would I include in my carry on luggage?

I'll admit a bit of amusement when I rode the Big Dog bus this year and saw=
 them randomly check different boarding lines.  This big security guy was i=
nspecting an old Amish man and his teenage daughter.  They were quite a sig=
ht, standing in this crucifixion style pose with their arms spread out and =
being wanded up and down with a metal detector.

It was obvious that any terrorist who wanted to use a bus for their actions=
 would have just waited for a different loading line and get on a different=
 bus.  Makes me believe that the terrorists are way smarter than the securi=
ty people.

Come to think of it, have you ever seen someone that had been hiking for se=
veral months who didn't look like a terrorist?  They all look like "Yomamma=
 Bin Luvin'"