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[at-l] The New Hiking 'Profile'

<<The criteria include one-way tickets (where hikers score), last minute -
within two weeks of flight - ticket purchase (which is where business folks
get nailed), expensive tickets (which is where we get nailed again), and no
or strange checked luggage (both business folks and hikers).  There are
other criteria, but I believe that is why we (hikers and travelling
business types) are getting tapped by the computer programs, in general.>>

Not worked up on my part, it was actually pretty amusing at the time...
water bottles, hiking boots, food, etc... and then watching them try to get
it all stuffed back in <g>.

BTW, I wouldn't be suprised if they had a quota, a percentage of passengers
that must be checked on each flight no matter what. It would be nice if
they gave you a pass after being checked once... save them time too...