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[at-l] RE: The New Hiking 'Profile' / One-way tickets

I use one-way tickets when I fly for the Red Cross Disaster Services
never knowing when I'll return.  According to the federal inspectors,
one-way ticket users are automatically searched when boarding.
Therefore, buy a round-trip if you want to hijack a plane.  I bet the
mean people will never figure that one out.  For fun, I put weird stuff
in my briefcase now.  Just to see the look that they give me.

Beau Bushor
Bleeder Guy

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I was randomly picked out for a search on the way to Montana to hike. My
carry on was my daypack stuffed with my town clothes, shaving kit, and a
few food items that didn't fit into my initial menu. They were quite
interested in the Jello no cook cheesecake <camping?>... and the dried
mushrooms.... can't remember now what all I had in there, but it was not
your average carry-on <G>. At least I had remembered to search through
shaving kit and take out the scissors and such...