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[at-l] SOBO sighting

That would be Gentle Bear and Care Bear.  I met them on Mount Madison on
July 14th.  (I said "Gee we must be related").  They're not doing so bad.
Seems like that's over 1000 miles in 98 days, a bit over 10 miles per day.
(Why hurry? -  it's beautiful country.)

I actually saw more SOBOs in September in Maine than in July in the Whites,
but I guess they were mostly flip-floppers (but at least 4: Sidewinder &
Scout and Mario & Migrator were true SOBOs (love that alliteration!)).


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> Was dayhiking in the Blue Ridge over Humpback Rocks on Sunday ( GORGEOUS
> views w/ autumn leaves ) and found 2 late season SOBO's having their lunch
> break where the AT meets the blue blaze feeder trail.  A couple who said
> their trailnames were The Bears, like carebear etc.  I somehow managed to
> forget their bear specific names by the time we got back to the car...
> but, if they have any friends on the list, thought you would like to know
> where they are now.  They were heading for Maupin Field Shelter Sunday
> The female half of the couple sounded a little dispirited that they were
> taking so long and behind all the other sobo's and like she wanted the
> to be done - said she wished she were only dayhiking again  ;-(   so, any
> buds who know their maildrop schedule may want to send them some good
> cuz I think they will need it...  I"m wishing they were heading for one of
> those hostels / stops that everyone hits so I could send them something.
> other than a little trail lonely - they seemed fine and made good time
> catching us before we got to the car!
> Cheerio