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[at-l] SOBO sighting

Was dayhiking in the Blue Ridge over Humpback Rocks on Sunday ( GORGEOUS
views w/ autumn leaves ) and found 2 late season SOBO's having their lunch
break where the AT meets the blue blaze feeder trail.  A couple who said
their trailnames were The Bears, like carebear etc.  I somehow managed to
forget their bear specific names by the time we got back to the car...

but, if they have any friends on the list, thought you would like to know
where they are now.  They were heading for Maupin Field Shelter Sunday nite.
The female half of the couple sounded a little dispirited that they were
taking so long and behind all the other sobo's and like she wanted the hike
to be done - said she wished she were only dayhiking again  ;-(   so, any
buds who know their maildrop schedule may want to send them some good cheer
cuz I think they will need it...  I"m wishing they were heading for one of
those hostels / stops that everyone hits so I could send them something.

other than a little trail lonely - they seemed fine and made good time
catching us before we got to the car!