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[at-l] How much is too much?

It depends on three things:

#3: How much are you carrying?  I've seen people carry 50 pounds and up
without any real trouble.  I've seen people carry under 30 total and bitch
every half step of the way.

One guy I met on the trail (looked like a football player) complained all
the time and give up.  Leaving his little bitty girl friend with her share
and his share of the load.  She had a great time before he left and greater
time after he did.

#2:  What don't you want to do without and what can't you do without?  I
HAVE to have books.  Of course I depend a lot on raggedy books I pick up a
library book sales (they make great fire starters & you can usually find
them at libraries near most trails).  But I'll carry a brand new book if it
catches my eye.  And then there is this fellow who packed in a portable
battery-powered TV so he could watch "Wheel of Fortune".

#1:  How much does the pack further your goals without loading you down.  A
lightweight pack that won't protect your camera equipment when one of your
main goals is lots of pictures is worthless.  A heavy protective pack that
protects a disposable camera is also worthless.

And for the BONUS, How much do you really, really want to hike?  IF you
really want to hike and complete the trail in one season, then go light.  If
you really want to hike, and enjoy the scenery (sp?)while musing on Kant,
Charlie Brown, and eat gourmet meals, then go for a roomier pack that weighs

William, The Prize Turtle

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After a traffic jam just getting TO the Interstate, and then a near-crash ON
the Interstate, I made it to Bill Jackson's.  The employees were friendly,
and helpful.  I tried on several packs with weight in them, and found one
that felt really good and two others that felt good.

How much weight for a pack is too much?  The lightest of the 3 was just
under 4#, and the other two were slightly over 5#.

I think someone said to try to keep your weight of pack+shelter+bag at 10#
or under.  Does that seem reasonable?  I'm no ultralighter.  I'm a beginner.
I'm definitely not interested in going for a record heavy pack either.

My "problem" is that I'm on a budget too.  The 3 packs I liked were
$240-280.  Do you get what you pay for with packs?  I'm thinking (or trying
to convince myself?) that skimping on footwear and packs is not the place to
be skimping.

Thoughts on the subject....?

(French Wench)
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