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[at-l] How much is too much?

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In a message dated 10/27/2002 10:59:45 PM Eastern Standard Time,
Farina6@comcast.net writes:

> Thank you to all who responded, publicly and privately.  I appreciate all
> thoughts on the matter.  I know it's up to me to make the decision of where
> I want to be regarding money and weight, but it never hurts to look for
> other ideas!!
> Now I'd like to know opinions on Dana Design and Mountainsmith packs,
> please.  How did they hold up?  How satisfied were you in general with
> their
> performance?  Any major benefits, or major detractors to either
> manufacturer?
> Thank you!
> Teresa
> (The former Farina)

Dana  Designs Glacier was reviewed in Backpacker last month.
I also have one. It is a great pack, but > 5 pounds. It carries lots of
(for those who still do that), has great pockets, etc..
Down side... When loaded, it caused some Lumbar  issues (in the review, and
on my trip). Hip belt is stiff.

I have a Dana Design Shadow peak (day & a half pack) that I am trying now
(2350ci), I'll keep you posted.