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Welcome to the campfire. There are two major RUCKs and several informal
better RUCKs throughout the year. A RUCK is simply a meeting of hikers
with similar goals and aspirations. The PA RUCK is Super Bowl Sunday,
and the GA RUCK is MLK Weekend. More details will develop as time
progresses. These can be very helpful, as well as meetings with local
AT support groups, gear suppliers and such.

While this list can help you with gear choices and such, the best way
to learn is to get out there and do some hiking. It is always good to
go with someone with some experience, particularly while you learn
skills to avoid hypothermia, dehydration, falls and other hazards. If
you have spent a few nights out in the open air away from the city, you
are well ahead of the curve of many contemplating a hike in 2003.


--- "Mary M. Morgan" <mmmorganlady@yahoo.com> wrote:
> I have just decided--after many years of dreaming and thinking about
> it--to set a date to start my Solo AT thru-hike.  I will start in
> April, 2004!

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