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[at-l] Brown Rice in an alcohol stove.

Actually, for short-grain brown, an hour was the minimum. Any less would
have been chewy.
White rice would have cooked sooner, but I wanted the real deal. More tooth,
better taste...

Orange Bug wrote:
> I suspect that the hour waiting for the rice to finish was longer than
> you needed. You can make your recipe more functional by adding jerky,
> dried salmon or other meats and veggies. There is no reason that
> regular rice wouldn't work with such a procedure, furthering your
> options on resupply in trail towns.
> BTW, I don't recall receiving your activity ticket for the pot cozy
> class.
> Bill...
> ;-P
> --- Jan Leitschuh <janl2@mindspring.com> wrote:
> >
> > I just made shortgrain brown rice for the first time on my alcohol
> > stove with the "Chainsaw" pot cozy I made, with Dave's help, at the
> > last Ruck. For sure, it is going with me on the AT next year.
> >
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