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[at-l] Hemlock {was Leaf ID}

A little off topic. I was reading about the pending, developing
disaster of the death of the Hemlock forests of America last evening.
Apparently, a bug hitched a ride in the the states from Asia to the
west coast, made its way to Richmond and has been slowly and
unremittantly sucking the life blood out of hemlocks for the past 20
years, or so. Those of us who have enjoyed the cool shade by a stream
under a hemlock are about to have a similar experience to our
grandparents who recalled the deaths of the chestnut forests.


--- Jan Leitschuh <janl2@mindspring.com> wrote:
> Thanks to all you tree folk out there.
> I thought it might be a sycamore or a tulip poplar, but no.
> It turned out to be a striped maple, keyed by a botanist friend.

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