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[at-l] How much is too much?

Thank you to all who responded, publicly and privately.  I appreciate all
thoughts on the matter.  I know it's up to me to make the decision of where
I want to be regarding money and weight, but it never hurts to look for
other ideas!!

Now I'd like to know opinions on Dana Design and Mountainsmith packs,
please.  How did they hold up?  How satisfied were you in general with their
performance?  Any major benefits, or major detractors to either

Thank you!
(The former Farina)

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From: "Teresa French" <Farina6@comcast.net>

> After a traffic jam just getting TO the Interstate, and then a near-crash
> the Interstate, I made it to Bill Jackson's.  The employees were friendly,
> and helpful.  I tried on several packs with weight in them, and found one
> that felt really good and two others that felt good.
> How much weight for a pack is too much?  The lightest of the 3 was just
> under 4#, and the other two were slightly over 5#.
> I think someone said to try to keep your weight of pack+shelter+bag at 10#
> or under.  Does that seem reasonable?  I'm no ultralighter.  I'm a
> I'm definitely not interested in going for a record heavy pack either.
> My "problem" is that I'm on a budget too.  The 3 packs I liked were
> $240-280.  Do you get what you pay for with packs?  I'm thinking (or
> to convince myself?) that skimping on footwear and packs is not the place
> be skimping.
> Thoughts on the subject....?
> :-)
> Teresa
> (French Wench)
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