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[at-l] Leaf ID

Thanks to all you tree folk out there.
I thought it might be a sycamore or a tulip poplar, but no.

It turned out to be a striped maple, keyed by a botanist friend.

Turns out that, in the south, the striped maple generally only grows in the
Appalachians. So, it's not all that common down here.

Some of your suggestions DID help me identify another leaf with a lopsided
basal lobe (looking like a G-4 backpacker!) as basswood.(bassWOOD! not

Thanks! The world tonite is a little less lonely knowing there are others
out there in Internet-land who also obsess on these matters.

> > I am trying to track down an ID on a leaf, it was very large, broad and
> not
> > as deeply lobed as a maple. Three lobes, mostly, maybe a vestigial fourth
> > and fifth lobe on the horizontal. Looks like the kind of tulip a kid would
> > draw. Incandescent gold.
> > Small understory tree. Maybe 12, 15, 20-foot tall at best. Spindly trunks,
> > like laurel. These leaves seemed lit from within, like aspens, only
> > underneath the canopy. Compelling. Made the woods light up.
> >

    	Jan Leitschuh Sporthorses Ltd.