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[at-l] Davenport Gap

On Sunday, October 27, 2002, at 11:30  AM, thruhiker01 BURNS wrote:
> Hey,
> Anybody know the name of the new hostle by Davenport gap. Its on the
> other
> side of 40 from Mountain Mama's. I want to leave a vehicle somplace.
> Pat

Standing Bear Farm.  I stayed there this year  on my northbound hike
and had
a great time.  Very friendly folks.  They have a bunk house and a
cabin (three beds I think).  Privy and outdoor shower (with hot/cold

I don't know what their policy is on vehicles, but I'm sure they could
work things
out with you.  They are listed in the 2002 Companion:

Standing Bear Farm
423 487-0014
Maria and Curtis