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[at-l] Fw: Appalachian Trail Thru-hikers' Companion

Thank you for your comments.  I was only trying to get some suggestions on
what I should do about this.  I
therefore posted publicly on a HIKER forum, so that hikers could give me
feedback.  I was not trying
to paint JohnO into a corner.  I 'm fully aware that we will not be capable
to please everyone who visits our
establishment.  However, for someone to threaten to remove our listing from
the Companion, based on some
complaints, with no examples, etc. to me was not appropriate.  I feel I
should have at least been offered more
information as to what, who and when these complaints were made.  I also
find it rather ironic, that the majority
of our Thru-Hiker traffic is in March, April and May, yet I was never
notified of any complaints until now.
I can't correct any complaints if we don't know what the complaints were.
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> I think you make good points, but wish you had not chosen to make a
> private email public over this disagreement. I fear that if there is a
> mistake, your publication of private email painted JohnO into a corner
> to defend himself just as you are defending your good name.
> By publishing names, addresses and phone numbers of trail related
> businesses, ALDHA offers the implication of endorsement. Somehow, I'd
> expect businesses that get the bulk of hiker traffic would also get a
> bulk of criticism. I wonder how many businesses get compliments written
> into ALDHA or ATC? I would be interesting if ALDHA seeks to become the
> AAA of hikers. What criteria for inclusion would ALDHA employ, and how
> consistently would it be applied? How should hikers' comments on trail
> businesses be evaluated? Are register comments more valid that
> subsequent letters?
> Bill...
> <not a member of ALDHA>
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> > > Dear John,
> > > Thank you, however, we have no idea what you are talking about....
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