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[at-l] Trip Report

> The diagnosis: one of the medicines  designed  to  strengthen  my
> heart had severely damaged my lungs. The prognosis?  This  is  a
> reversible condition, through it's kind of iffy "to what extent."

Pulmonary fibrosis?  Serious stuff.  I hope it hasn't progressed too far...

> So I sit here at the computer, tethered by a 40-foot tube
> carrying oxygen to my lungs, belatedly looking up amioadarone and
> puzzling why a $300 per visit cardiologist didn't know what I had
> found out in 20 minutes.

An off topic rant about pill-pushers is probably warranted, but rather than
that, let me just say that I hope you get back out soon.  At least you have
that rich Maine air.