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[at-l] Gathering

Thankx to all I shook hands with and talked with,
   Flyin' Bryan your the nicest man Ive met in a long time.
   Anna of the womens list I love your laughs.
   Coosa thanks for the tent tour.  Always love your knowledge and spirit to
    The hiking boys of  Slofow (Sorry can't spell)
     Preacherman who ate with me and mom.  Hope your back gets better.
      Russ who I only shook hands with.
      De Redhead glad you made it.
      Linda Patton, Jan shoesomethinglight,Pog, Amy, Dutch Treat(you sing
well), Humingbird, Jim and Genny Owens, Ready and Spur,  Ed Spears the
hammock man, Eddie the Packa man, and a host of others too long to go on
with.  Now you are all friends with faces and if ever ya near Chattanooga
just email me and I'l put ya up for the night and give a ride to somewhere
steep, hilly and long.
    I had a great time!  Sorry I missed Sunday but had a great time visiting
the six 80+y/o widows left of my fathers brothers up north..
Can you imagine a holloween party with these fiesty gals..
> I stood in the drizzle around the camp fire, drank in the drizzle, walked
> the drizzle, camped in the drizzle, talked in the drizzle, did EVERYTHING
> the drizzle this weekend...
> It was the best time I've had in a long, long while... I wouldn't trade it
> for anything!
> Russ
> PS. Get over this Wingnut crap and move on...
>        Lifes too short for this petty crap.
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