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[at-l] close call....

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Good grief!

I am very sad that this happened to you, but, at the same time, so glad that
it turned out the way it did.  You must have had seat belts on with bags that
deployed.  Was Noah in the back seat?  In a special seat?

How fortunate you are, especially given the history that you have shared
about broken bones.  It sounds like you are both going to be okay, probably
because you did everything right beforehand.

I hope you nail the bastard that caused the accident,  filing charges, suing
him (her?) civil court.  Too long our social and court system has winked at
driving under the influence, like it's an excuse for unacceptable behavior.
It's as though they are child molesters.  It's the only way we can stop them.

Glad to know that you and Noah are still going to be around for me to meet