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[at-l] Day Trip report

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She's back on her hiking feet!
Backpackers beware...

Glad to hear you're finally out & about.
But I thought you were gonna run me over as I was taking that
picture from the road today...


In a message dated 10/26/2002 2:15:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
KarenS62@aol.com writes:

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> Sorry Amy, no pictures.
> I woke this morning with all good intentions of spending the day
> re-organizing my office w/ gear closet. At this point it is more a gear
> room
> with a closet office.  So, like all good ALDHA members, I went for a hike
> instead!  I had hoped to do an overnight trip next weekend and wanted to
> see
> how my foot would fare.  This would be the first hike since my foot surgery
> where I actually wore something other than open backed shoes.  I figured
> out
> that if I skip a heavy sock on that foot and just wear a liner, my boots
> fit
> okay.
> It is peak leaf weekend here in NC and I was foolish enough to attempt to
> drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Spent about 45 minutes dodging all the
> leaf
> peepers and picture-taking idiots. I'm not saying that everyone who takes
> pictures are idiots, just the ones standing in the middle of the road on a
> curve, which was just about everyone I saw with a camera today.
> Fall is my favorite time in the woods, a leftover from the October
> afternoons
> when I ran home from the bus stop after school so I could escape to the
> woods
> behind our house. Started out at Graveyard Field and walked to the upper
> falls (1 1/2-2 miles?)  It was nice to be on a dirt trail again, smelling
> the
> decomposing rhododendron and stomping through mud puddles, even if there
> were
> way too many tourists.  I sat on the riverbank watching sticks float by for
> a
> bit but kept being disturbed by nosy, wet dogs. (really, I was) The leaves
> were very pretty, even for a foliage snob like me and it's nice to see
> running water in the Carolinas again.
> Since I was still pretty comfortable when I got back to the parking lot, I
> drove up to Black Balsam and climbed the mountain. Although lower
> elevations
> had good visibility, I was enshrouded in misty clouds at the top - my
> favorite type of weather, even if it isn't the best for viewing the colors.
> The number of other people was  markedly diminished - saw a few
> backpackers,
> but they don't seem to bother me like tourists do.
> So, that was it. From what I can figure, I walked between 4-5 miles total,
> without Lekis. I even had two pairs with me and still forgot to bring them
> on
> my walk.  My heel is a bit tender on the healing suture line, but the
> repair
> feels great and I am hiking with much less pain than prior to being cut
> open.
> Not the most exciting trip report, I guess, but I'm excited about it.