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[at-l] close call....

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ALDHA almost lost it's new Membership Secretary Wed. night. Noah (4yr.old)
and I were hit head on by a drunk driver while going home late in the evening.

I have been in accidents before but nothing like this one. It still boggles
my mind.

We are extremely lucky. Must have had some kind of angels looking over us for
we practically walked away from it. That is after the trip in the ambulance
to the hospital.

Noah had some abrasions to his head and abdomen so he received cat scans of
these areas which turned out OK. My mouth bounced off of the steering wheel.
I have stitches (yes again!) in the inside of my lower lip, a couple of
broken teeth and a swollen face from the mouth down and bruises head to toe,

Noah was doing OK at the hospital. Oh to be 4 and to be able to recoup
quickly. Me, I'm still hardly able to move!

They thought that my jaw was dislocated but it is just so swollen that I am
unable to close my mouth all of the way.

We spent Thursday running around to several different doctors and yesterday
resting, as we are trying to do today also. It is starting to sink in that
this is going to take a while to recover from.

Never mind my car, it's a small pile of trash now.

My 'high' from the Gathering came to a screeching halt [pun intended ;) ],
so, if anyone has anymore pictures from last weekend...I sure would like to
see them. I could use some nice vibes.  :)

I think I need to stay in the woods, seems to be the only place I don't get
hurt!  ;)

Hope you all have a very safe weekend!