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something to think about... Fwd: [at-l] Impact of Hiking?

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In a message dated 10/24/02 3:25:12 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
bluewinddancing@msn.com writes:

> The noise is what bothered me most....banging and clanging plates and
> screaming kids, music, cash register ....OH, how I wished I was back on the

I left Las Vegas with the ringing of slots in my ears, and a hangover that
WOULD NOT go away, and I HATE screaming kids, loud music (unless it's a cool
song, and I'm in my truck alone) and the sounds of the city, which is
impossible to escape in the lovely land between Central Florida and the
Keys.....which, unfortunately, I reside.  Sometimes, in late summer or early
winter (Ha! Like there's winter in S. FLA.!) I can go to my local State Park,
walk the trails that NO ONE that goes to the freaking park even knows
existed, I can be surrounded by Mangroves and Palms, and for a few minutes,
I'm not in the city.  Bottom line, after a few days in the "wilderness" I'm
not the same.  The reality of life kicks me in the ass so hard that I want to
cry.  I don't want to go to work under florescent lights.  I don't want to
sit in traffic.  I don't want to be home.  Period.  It's a hard transition,
and only those who love it understand.  Believe me, I'm a down right bitch
after I come home from hiking in the Glades or wherever.  Preserve and
educate.  Every moment out in the wilderness is a joy to behold, regardless
of the circumstances.