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something to think about... Fwd: [at-l] Impact of Hiking?

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In a message dated 10/24/02 3:09:40 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
brian_j_schweikert@icpphil.navy.mil writes:

> I chose not to
> converse a lot once we got out there. There's things we come to appreciate
> when we do a long distance trail NO other can know unless they've done it.
> You become so self sufficient that others, novices, weekend warriors, etc.,
> think your in your own world and look at you differently from then on when
> really all they are seeing is you in your element. Hiking "out there" is a
> .

Precisely why I chose to leave "city boy," as much as I love him, at home
when I venture out in the woods.  He can't handle it. Doesn't like the bugs,
lack of room service, the constant work.  He simply does NOT understand, and
I can appreciate that.  However, he does appreciate my love of it, and in
turn, supports me and my causes to preserve nature.  So, therefore, I
continue to try and convert others who don't like "outdoorsy" things, hoping
maybe that even though they don't like the hiking scene, at least they may
one day appreciate something else besides concrete.