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[at-l] Kissinger in Kent, CT

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Kissinger is being interviewed from Kent, CT by the Wall Street Journal

I wonder if he's staying in that woods back behind the outfitters there in
Kent. Hope he knows how the people complain about camping out all night at
that spot.

Ol' Henry's portrait was right on the wall next to the door when I casually
stopped into the South Mountain Inn on my thru-hike. All the famous
dignitaries -- I meant to send the Inn a photo of my summit of Katahdin and
write to see if they'd put it on the wall. Me all red-cheeked in that 50mph
wind. Maybe they'd put the photo right above that table where I spilled that
gob of chocolate ice cream on the white tablecloth.


I can't take me anyplace.


PS: No, I didn't snarf the ice cream off the tablecloth with my lips. Little
pinkies up was always the theme at the shelter so why should a notable five
star restaurant be any different? Hey, at least I didn't get out my titanium
cookpot and scrub it clean in their bathroom after a thru-hiker freshen-up.