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[at-l] Mistaken identity.....

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In a message dated 10/25/02 4:02:46 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
baltimorejack@hotmail.com writes:

> While I will always take credit and  accept responsibility for something I've
> written here and elsewhere,  I'm tired of catching flak for stuff I never
> said, so remember, there's "Jacks" out here, there are undoubtedly
> "Jackasses" out here as well, but there's only one of me, for which I'm
> sure you're all grateful.  Thanx for attempting to tell the difference.

You know, I was reading today's posts and wondering about that.  I was
thinking that while you have strong feelings about some things, I didn't
recall you being rude about the dog issue.  It is a testament to your
celebrity status (or is that your notariety? ;)) that if someone says "Jack"
we assume they mean you. ;-)  Personally, I was thinking you'd have more
objections to sheep on the Trail than dogs . . .