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[at-l] Re: Dogs

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In a message dated 10/25/02 3:53:16 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
askowronek@mindspring.com writes:

> >     FWIW, bear spray will work on Shane, too.
> Not if he eats a lot of spicy food.

Yea. Didn't anyone watch Under Siege 2 today??  I found it amusing when the
bad guy laughed at the good victim, going so far as to say that it was only
pepper spray and if you got used to it, it just cleared your sinuses, and
then proceeded to spray it in his mouth.  I only found it amusing because of
this thread. Otherwise I would have found it distressing that my civilian
issued pepper spray is practically useless against agressors, both human and
animal . . . time to break out the real stuff my cop dad gave me, I guess :)