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[at-l] dogs...

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In a message dated 10/25/02 1:18:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
gb288602@ohio.edu writes:

>     heh, I definitely had a bad trail dog experience. This year on my
> attempted thru-hike, I was bitten by someone's dog (though it didn't belong
> to a hiker, but to some horse packers at a trail head). Silly bastard
> really
> got me, I've still got the scar. Had to take time off my hike to heal, get
> a
> tetanus shot, and so on. So annoying.

For years we had dogs but our last two have been gone for about four years
now (and our cats show no interest in leaving the air conditioned house to
sleep in the woods) so I don't hike with any critters, except those through
whose homes I wander.

FWIW, I have met several dozen dogs (big and small) on the trail and never
had a problem.  Did a day hike in PA last October with a mixed breed (read
that wolf) named Hweeton who was a delight to hike with and a very friendly
critter, although I'm sure he scared everybody we passed that day based on
the wide berth people gave us.  So I understand the concerns others have and
since I can't bury a dog in the bottom of my pack (like some of my technology
<g>), I would not likely hike with a dog even if we still had one, except on
the Mason Dixon out back of the house, which is where lots of my neighbors
walk their dogs and we would fit right in.