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[at-l] Re: Rodale / musings

I've had my set of the Rodale volumes since shortly after they were
published when a former college roommate gave them to me.  Have
always used the volumes as an escape, especially when I lived in
the Midwest and couldn't just drive to the AT when I felt like it.

ANYWAY, one of the things I associate with the volumes is what I
always thought was an out-of-date reference to a food item that it
seemed like a lot of the folks in the books took with them.  Then a
couple weeks ago my older daughter (a couple years out of
college, still living at home) held something out to me and said
"Here. Taste this."  Being a trusting sort I took a little corner of this
soft white stuff and nibbled. Wow, what a minty rush!

And that's how I was introduced to the "Kendal Mint Cake."  I'd
always figured it was a sort of granola bar thing dripped in a minty
chocolate coating.  How wrong could I be?  Pure sugar, except for
the strong mint flavor.

Number one daughter had been introduced to them during a
semester abroad in England.  She thought they weren't available
here in the States and had a friend send her one from the UK.
However, I've found on the Internet that one can buy these things
here in the States.  (( < www.rei.com > "George Romney Ltd.
Kendal Mint Cake" ))

With the cachet that they went to the top of Mt. Everest during the
first climb by westerners and that they are "widely recognized by
mountaineers," they must be good, eh?  (Just keep them away
from your youngsters, if you believe the 'sugar rush' theories!)
These things really pack a punch.  We're talking straight glucose

Now, why these musings?  The only place I'd ever heard of these
things before my daughter offered me a nibble, was there in the
Rodale volumes where it seems that every other hiker lives on
them.  Any of you folks encounter these carbohydrate bombs?  Or
know of present-day hikers that carry them?