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[at-l] Mistaken identity.....

Geesh!  I think some folks have some profound reading comp issues.  In
perusing some recent posts, there were some strong words(and in my opinion,
uncalled for ones at that) by somone also named Jack.  Well, lo and behold,
no less than 3 folks sent me short E-Mails telling me to jump back, calm
down, and moderate my language and tone.   Like, excuse me????

This isn't the first time this has happened on a Trail internet site, so
please, folks, before getting your collective knickers in a twist over a
post you dis-agree with, read the posts COMPLETELY, and check to see where
they originated and who actually sent 'em.  In most cases, mine will have m=
real name on 'em, as well as the "baltimorejack@hotmail" address.  While I
will always take credit and  accept responsibility for something I've
written here and elsewhere,  I'm tired of catching flak for stuff I never
said, so remember, there's "Jacks" out here, there are undoubtedly
"Jackasses" out here as well, but there's only one of me, for which I'm sur=
you're all grateful.  Thanx for attempting to tell the difference.

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