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[at-l] dogs on the trail

I want to commend Rami for being an excellent dog owner.  My experience on =
the trail, however, is that such highly responsible and courteous owners on=
 the trail is roughly proportionate to cell phone owners on the trail who o=
nly use their cell phones for emergencies.

I have a very good dog, a spayed dalmation, that would love to accompany me=
 on the trail.  She is well trained and a joy to have.  For her sake and mi=
ne, I leave her at home on my hikes.

If you want any more of my opinion on the subject you can read it at:  http=

It will tell you not only about my experiences with dogs on the trail, but =
also give you some links on how to successfully take your dog hiking.  Fair=
ly balanced, I believe.