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[at-l] Trip Report: Leaf ID request

What a great link! Thanks!

Unfortunately, I can't track it down.
It looks exactly like the drawing on the bottom of this link:
when I follow it thru, it says Red maple (which is too notched and toothy)
or Amur maple (not like it at all).
Sycamore leaves come close as well, and actually were my instinct on the
these Virginia plants were consistently spindly and understory, with none of
the telltale sycamore bark. Of course, they could be a juvenile phase, but
the height was consistent, for miles and miles, as a thin, smallish tree. No
larger daddies and mommies about. I am stumped.
Anyone want to take a gander by looking at the drawing?

    	Jan Leitschuh Sporthorses Ltd.