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[at-l] Trip Report

Now that I am back home in Boulder (as of  this
Wednesday) it is time for something I enjoy doing.
Colorado trip Reports! And more specifically...night
hike trip reports!

Last night did the "Ridiculous Pumpkin Haul II". Five
brave souls decided it would be a swell idea to haul a
pumpkin up Mt. Sanitas, Boulder's local "workout
mountain" and carve jack o' lanterns. What made this
haul more ridiculous than usual is the fact that it
snowed the other day. Night time temps were in the
low-mid 20's.

So up we climbed. When we arrived at the summit, we
were above the clouds. Saw the moon rise and cast an
appropriate enough orange glow. The skies were clear.
Funny what a 1300 feet elevation gain can do.

At the top of the mountain we somehow managed to carve
pumpkins with frozen fingers, slurp cocoa, eat
chocolate and admire the glow of pumpkins at night.
All in all, much better than watching "Friends who
have Sex in the City" or whatever the heck is on TV on
Thursday night.. :-)


The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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