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[at-l] dogs...

    heh, I definitely had a bad trail dog experience. This year on my
attempted thru-hike, I was bitten by someone's dog (though it didn't belong
to a hiker, but to some horse packers at a trail head). Silly bastard really
got me, I've still got the scar. Had to take time off my hike to heal, get a
tetanus shot, and so on. So annoying.


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chase - quit beating around the bush and say what you really mean...

wildernessl - it is unimportant whether is is the 'inconsiderate owner' or
the 'untrained dog', the result is a lack of consideration for other

my experiences with dogs on the trail have not generally been positive.
most dogs are obviously not properly trained or prepared for the experience.
most owners do not put the proper emphasis on the care or discipline of
their dogs while on the trail.  i have been witness to one dog that was
hiked to death on the trail, and have heard of others.  i have also seen
some wonderfully prepared and behaved dogs...

we have often spoken about things that intefere with the enjoyment of a
hike.  from my own experience, one of the things that jolts me right out of
any serenity is having to deal with dogs...

my experience, my opinion...

to be fair, there are many other things that jolt me out of my serenity:
loud voices - sounds of traffic - spooky people - looking for blazes -
having to crap in the woods - peeing at night - someone eating couscous with
lamb and spices, and i have peanut butter - running out of water - twisting
my ankle - being face down on the ground before i even realized i was
falling - false summits - baltimore jacks shirt - bruce in gorham - wet
rocks and roots - Rocks & Roots - road walking - someone saying hello behind
you when you didn't realize someone was behind you - monkey butt - DOC
trail - big blowdowns - cigarette smoke - a buffet without country ham -
short people - trail gods - all lower case letters - little dots...


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