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[at-l] Dogs

I've seen one or two good trail dogs....and they were VERY good. But
mostly, the dog experience has been horrible. Overly friendly dogs who
crash through brush straight at you and you don't even know what kind of
beastie is approaching. I've been approached by a snarling dog...owner
took about a few minutes to reach the dog to hold him back. I've been
jumped on by a friendly dogs. One was a happy beasty covered with mud
with its leash trailing behind it....on a ONE HOUR DAY HIKE with a small
child with me. And except for the snarling ones, all the dogs owners
shout out ('cause they're too far away) how friendly their dog is and
doesn't bite. Frankly, i also don't care to be slathered with dog spit,
jumped on or have one jumping around me and stalling my hike. Lastly and
happily, this has not personally happened to me...but having a dog pee
on one's tent is a really bad time that lasts and lasts and lasts.

As for long distance hikes with a dog...think rocks and that poor dog's
feet. Think water problems.

My vote: Leave the dog home on a long hike. Keep them VERY under control
and with you at all times on the short ones.

Second Chance