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[at-l] Rodale

Jack wrote:
>I believe him.  Your statement that "no one believes him"  should be
>qualified with some proof of why nobody believes him.
>Perhaps nobody believes you either!  Ever think of that?  You make a
>blanket statement calling him a liar.

Jack -
You're obviously welcome to believe what you want, but you might think abou=
this - along the PCT there's an expression called "Rybacking".  The
expression isn't used much by hikers, but rather by the locals who gave him
rides.  On the AT it's called "yellow-blazing".

And then there are the "200 mile days" that he did on the PCT.  No - he
didn't claim 200-mile days --- but look at the start/end points of some of
his days.  Really??

You might also take a look at some of the pictures in his books - given wha=
he carried in the way of equipment (and keeping in mind that it was NOT
silnylon or fleece), and knowing the capacity of the type of pack he used,
do you really believe he could have crammed 20 days food in there?  It can
be done - but your pack wouldn't look like his does in the pictures. And
some of those pictures were NOT in a place where they'd have been taken by
someone who wasn't actually hiking.  In other words - the pictures weren't
"posed" with an empty pack.  I have in mind one picture in the Bob Marshall
(the Bog) with the Chinese Wall in the background and 6 feet of snowpack on
the ground. Yeah - he actually DID hike a lot of the Trail. But he didn't
necessarily hike ALL of it - nor were some of his "adventures" quite as
"real" as the books would have you believe.  I wonder if he ever became a
fisherman?  <VBG>

What most people don't realize is that Eric didn't write those books - his
mother did.  She was a writer and she deliberately sensationalized them.  D=
you really believe his Smokies bear story?  You might want to do some
studying on bears before you answer that.

>Want to check into some of Earl's and Emma Gatewoods tales?  Maybe you
>won't belive them either and for good
>reason. Think before you put your foot into your ignorant ass mouth.

If you were at the Ruck last year you might know some things about Grandma
Gatewood, but those who knew Earl would generally take exception to that

Walk softly,

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