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[at-l] Dogs

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Chase wrote
>"get a dog after your hike and if you have a dog now leave it at home. :-)
That is rather direct but it is my opinion"<

Remember, that IS just ONE opinion, and I offer my opinion as well...
I breed and train service dogs and find that with proper breeding and train=
ing most dogs are more trail savvy than the hiker/owners are.
Problems are usually caused by the inconsiderate OWNER/HIKER, not by dogs. =
i.e. the OWNER let the dog in the shelter, the OWNER tied the dog near the =
bridge etc...

As for the breed, Amy has a good point.
I breed Labradors, and often hike with my 100lb yellow lab. Large breed dog=
s can carry high pack weights easily (their food for a week or more) withou=
t fatiguing, but after hiking for years with large breed dogs I can also se=
e some advantages of hiking with a smaller breed. There is a high probabili=
ty that it will be the dog getting injured on the trail rather than the hik=
er, and a small dog is easier to carry if needed.

Regardless of the breed you select, make sure you obtain a OFA on the dog b=
efore hiking with them. (The OFA test is for any predisposed hip and joint =
problems.) If getting you dog from a breeder, the breeder should provide a =
clear OFA on the parents. If selecting a dog from a pound or shelter most G=
OOD vets can take the x-rays and send them off for OFA certification.

If you want any details of my experiences hiking with dogs let me know off =

jeff / wilderness1
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  Hey folks,

  I'm starting to look at getting a dog.  I've researched a lot, and right
  now I'm strongly considering a Giant Schnauzer.  They're from the
  working dog group, and definitely like exercise.  One of the things I'll
  want to do with my dog is hike (of course).  Do any of you have
  experience or knowledge of Giant Schnauzers that you can share with me?
  If you have experience or knowledge of Giant Schauzers as a hiking dog
  I'd greatly appreciate it, but I'll settle for whatever you can offer.

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