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[at-l] Rodale

Hey Chase, the good news is that I found you a volume 1:

The bad news is that there are several two volume sets there that are

For the rest of y'all, anyone looking for the Rodale Press set of "Hiking
the Appalachian Trail", there are 4 or 5 sets on abebooks.com that are in
the $50-60 dollar range, which is much cheaper than I've seen in a while.
Since they can also be a little difficult to find I wouldn't wait...

Not associated with abe books...

BTW, while some of the information in this set is dated it amazing how much
of it has actually held up. With all of the information on the AT out there
today, some of us "oldtimers" can actually remember when this set and Ed
Garvey's book constituted the "AT library"....