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[at-l] Rodale


=09Well the twenty days supply is not as hard to believe as the fantastic d=
aily mileage he listed. Woodelf and I used to plan ten days between food re=
supplies and still carried less than 45# most of the time. Eric carried 65#=
's of mostly freeze dried stuff. So maybe he could do 18 - 20 days hike bet=
ween resupply. Seems like my brother and a friend of his carried about 90# =
packs on their first month long hike with no resupply  lol.
=09None the less I did enjoy his journal. It sounded to me like it was writ=
ten in the 20's instead of 1969. The trail sounded so much more rugged than=
 the one I know. I have the names of some of his other books if anyone want=
s them.