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[at-l] Some Internet Resources

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Thanks Jack.  The class was GREAT, I learned a lot.

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From: Jack Tarlin
Date: Thursday, October 24, 2002 2:24:47 PM
To: at-l@mailman.backcountry.net
Subject: [at-l] Some Internet Resources

I just got back from the long-distance hiker Gathering in West Virginia; led
a discussion group for prospective thru-hikers that I thought went pretty
well. Was asked for some Internet ideas/suggestions, particularly useful
sites for folks planning their first thru.

At another address (www.whiteblaze.net) I've posted a list of some sites
I like that you guys might find useful, especially those of you actively
planning a thru. I'd have happily sent the post here, but it seemed to make
more sense to have it permanently posted elsewhere where it can be found by
more folks; plus the Forum where I put it can be added to in the future with
the suggestions/ideas of other folks, including, I hope, some of you. I've
been away awhile and am doubtless unaware of some new sites; if anyone wants
to send along their favorite useful addresses either here or to the above
Forum, I'm sure it'll be helpful to a great many people.

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