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something to think about... Fwd: [at-l] Impact of Hiking?

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Absolutely !  Arrrggghh !   Although I've yet to complete the entire trial,=
 after being out for 4 months and returning to work, I had a complete intol=
erance for things that I never gave a second thought too before.  When some=
one can't see the  2' x 4'  painted hand with finger pointing the direction=
 to the restroom, that hangs overhead in the center isle of the restaurant,=
  and stands there turning in circles looking totally lost ????   Someone w=
ho goes through the buffet line and returns with 3 heaping plates of food a=
nd two of the plates of food get dumped into the garbage....

The noise is what bothered me most....banging and clanging plates and screa=
ming kids, music, cash register ....OH, how I wished I was back on the trai=
l again !

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### Just cleaning up my mailbag, is all....

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> Subject: [at-l] Impact of Hiking?
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> Hi everyone!
> I've been dealing/thinking/wrestling with lots of stuff lately
> --  Not just about
environmental things, but things like your patience level and
your ability to put your head down and just muscle through
>   But I've also becomesomewhat intolerant and impatient with others who d=
on't suck it up.... Anybody care to comment?
> Lynn

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