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Tall Tales (was) RE: Re: [at-l] Thanks on eggs.

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Maybe 7000 foot wind mills at each shelter to provide electricity?

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From: William Neal
Date: Thursday, October 24, 2002 8:09:51 AM
To: 'ted anderson'; AT-Mailing list (E-mail)
Subject: Tall Tales (was) RE: Re: [at-l] Thanks on eggs.

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Ahh... I was going to train a couple of hampsters or a couple of hungry
hikers (bribe 'em with summer sausage on a rope), and have them run on a
treadmill. But I was afraid I'd get hungry and bar-bay-cue them.

Of course I could always bring along a small, portable nuclear generator.
Not only would I have power, I'd glow in the dark so I wouldn't need a

William, The "Bright" Turtle

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Just bring along a blender and liquify them suckers.

Of course y'all have to haul a mighty long extension cord for the blender.

William, The Turtle

/////// What kinda dummy do you take me for........I'm packin a Honda
generator. That way I can recharge my cell phone and have power for the tv.


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