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[at-l] Columbia Sports -Behind Bars

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This is a reply I received from Columbia Sports Wear reference their
advertising on the recent VHA-1 program, "Music Behind Bars", that featured
one guy who had killed two teenage girls.  I felt giving celebrity status to
this kind of scum, was not cool.

Customer (Ted Anderson) - 10/23/2002 07:31 AM
Are you going to make a public statement on why you supported this program.

Response (kmorin) - 10/24/2002 08:24 AM
Hi Ted,

We appreciate you taking the time to contact us regarding your concern about
our commercial that was aired during the VH1 show "music behind bars". We
would like to pass along some information that will hopefully explain why
this happened. We purchase time slots on VH1 - not specific programming- to
air our commercials. Once we learned they had aired our commercial on this
program we asked them to cancel that time slot. We did not consciously ask
to promote this program or content and once we learned of the association we
had it cancelled. We apologize if this has upset you and do value your input
as our customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any future
questions or concerns you might have.

Have a great day!
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