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[at-l] A Correction

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In a message dated 10/23/02 7:03:32 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
baltimorejack@hotmail.com writes:

> Failing that, we'll see 'em in Hanover in a year.   By then, the kid should
> be ready to hike.

By the way - given a due date in February, the child will be about 9 months
old at the next Gathering.  While some advanced kids do walk that early, and
given the parents walking history, it is certainly possible that the kid will
be walking by then - but probably only enough to go from one Billville pole
to another without falling, or only falling occassionally . . .

We promise, however, not to strap a lazer gun on the child until he/she can
walk unassisted . . . . <g>