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[at-l] Eggs

You know, I routinely leave things out longer than most, eat things that
others think is too old, and generally don't worry about the viability
of foods as much as I was taught.

I wonder how much is just people nowadays being paranoid about bugs.  My
immune system works.  Too keep it healthy I gotta exercise it.

On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 03:03:05PM -0400, I received a message from Charles Copeland to which I felt pleasantly compelled to respond by saying:
> I too remember "leaving things out" all the time.  We never worried too much
> about things making us sick.  I think Bushwacker is onto something about
> "processed foods" and that is that almost all foods nowadays have added
> sugar.  I'm no expert on disease or how things get spoiled but my guess is
> that the added sugar *has* to be a contributor.
> Charles
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> The egg discussion brings up fond memories of my younger days.  (Not the
> practical joking)
> My grandparents and great grandparents were minimalists in their prime and
> later years.  I can still remember baskets of eggs on the kitchen counter,
> fried fatback sitting out, the same for butter.  I still recall sandwiches
> being wrapped in waxed paper and placed in paper bags.  No heavy use of
> ziploc's or coolers when they went out into the woods.
> It makes you wonder - as technology advances - how much of it do we really
> need?  I'm not knocking it but I don't remember getting seriously ill from
> eating at my relative's place . . . nor did we ever hear of them getting
> sick from their cooking/eating practices.  Is it maybe that the "processed
> foods" that we depend on more these days are manufactured less "soundly"
> than they were back then?
> How much of the older ways are still applicable today? . . . more than eggs
> on the counter, I'm sure.
> May be time to thumb through a few Foxfire books.
> Bushwacker
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